Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing?


Keeping track of a beloved pet’s health can be quite a challenge. While dogs may be very expressive and communicative creatures, they sometimes have difficulty in really letting you know when something is up.

You may have noticed your dog is sneezing more frequently than usual lately, but you aren’t entirely sure why. What could possibly be causing this? Are there any solutions to ease it? Is it a sign of a larger problem?

Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing

Your mind may be racing with questions, and you may not be sure how to answer any of them. If your dog has been sneezing excessively lately, and you want to know why, don’t worry, we’re here to help you work out exactly what’s causing it.

Read on below to discover the root cause of your dog’s sneezing, how to solve it, and how to prevent it in the future!

What Could Be Causing My Dog To Sneeze Excessively?

Dogs sneeze for much the same reason that humans do; to expel something from their nose that might be irritating them. Thus, it is likely that there may be something lodged in your dog’s nose if they are sneezing rapidly.

It is very common for dogs to end up with small nasal mites in their noses which will lightly tickle the inner surface of the nose. Sneezing will usually dislodge them, but sometimes their grip can be a little better than usual.

How Do You Clear Nasal Mites From A Dog’s Nose?

Nasal mites are relatively common, so don’t panic if you see signs of them. If you want, you might benefit from a visit to your vet, to confirm your suspicions.

If your dog is confirmed to have nasal mites, they will likely be prescribed a set of medications that are to be taken by the dog each day. These can be taken orally, by mixing it up with their food, or they can be administered by injection.

How Do You Prevent Nasal Mites In Dogs?

Preventing a dog from catching nasal mites can be difficult, as they are difficult to spot with the naked eye. Nasal mites can also be transmitted from dog to dog when they sniff one another, which is a common greeting behavior.

You may not be able to prevent nasal mites, but you can monitor for them before they become worse, by ensuring that your dog is breathing normally.

Is Dog Sneezing a Sign of Nasal Tumors?

Another potential cause of repetitive sneezing is nasal tumors. These tumors can vary in size, and thus the symptoms from them can vary greatly. If the tumor is small, it may just be causing a slight tickling sensation in the dog’s nose.

If the tumor is larger, this can show itself through haggard breathing. If your dog seems lethargic, and like they are having trouble breathing, it could be a sign of a nasal tumor.

Nasal tumors also cause pus-like nasal discharge which can often contain traces of blood. If you suspect at any point that your dog may have a nasal tumor, then you should visit your vet as soon as possible. A tumor is best treated early.

How Do You Treat A Nasal Tumor In A Dog?

If your dog is diagnosed with a nasal tumor, then your vet is likely to sign your dog up for a course of either radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Both treatments have proven incredibly effective in treating nasal cancers, so you have no need to worry about your furry friend.

Can Dog Sneezing Be Caused By An Object Lodged In The Nose?

Can Dog Sneezing Be Caused By An Object Lodged In The Nose

Dogs get a great sense of the world around them by sniffing around. This friendly and sociable behavior could potentially lead to minor harm if the dog were to end up sniffing around small and light objects that may be drawn into the nose when the dog sniffs.

These can be things such as beads, which are small enough to enter the nose, but large enough to prove a problem.

When a dog has something lodged up its nose, you might be able to tell by the sound of its breathing. If its breathing sounds labored, or if your dog sounds like it is out of breath, even when sitting still, then there may be something lodged inside its nose.

Your dog may also paw at its nose in an attempt to move the object around.

How Do You Remove An Object Lodged In A Dog’s Nose?

If you suspect that something is lodged inside of your dog’s nose, it is worth calmly ascertaining how far up the nose the object is. Regardless of how far the object is, you should not attempt to remove the object yourself.

A dog’s nose is a highly sensitive area, so it is likely to shift away to avoid having its nose inspected. You may need to restrain your dog lightly in order to maintain the dog’s safety, as well as yours. This is much easier with more than one person.

Take your dog to a vet to determine whether it does have something lodged in its nose. If the dog determines that there is an object up there, they have a number of ways they can extract it.

The vet will likely use an anesthetic, to help the dog to relax and prevent it from resisting treatment. Vets have specially designed grasping tools that can carefully travel up the nostril and retrieve a lodged item.

Your vet might also choose to flush your dog’s nose out, just to ensure that there is nothing else hidden up there.

How Do You Prevent Objects From Being Lodged In A Dog’s Nose?

In order to make sure that objects do not become lodged in your dog’s nose, you should make sure to monitor their behavior. If they are sniffing around an area, make sure that they aren’t going to accidentally ingest anything small enough to travel up the nostrils.

At home, be sure to vacuum your floors regularly, and ensure that small objects are picked up promptly, so that they can’t accidentally travel up into the dog’s nose.

Final Thoughts

These are just a small few of the potential causes of sneezing in dogs. There are many variables that can cause a dog to sneeze excessively. The best thing to do, if you are concerned that your dog is sneezing too much, is to follow your gut.

If you are worried that there is a problem with your dog’s nose, do not hesitate to contact your vet. They’ll be more than happy to determine the problem, and find an appropriate solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Dog Worried When Sneezing?

The Simple answer is that your dog loves you! Dogs are empathetic, and are always looking to check that their beloved owners are okay.
If you have a particularly loud sneeze, then your dog may assume that something is wrong or that something is happening, and may rush over to assist you.

Do Dogs Sneeze To Get Attention?

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures that naturally develop a good understanding of their owners. Dogs will quite often develop small behaviors in order to get your attention.
This includes sneezing. Dogs will often produce a fake sneeze which is made to get attention from you.

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