Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet?

As a dog owner, you will know that these furry companions have all sorts of weird and wonderful traits.

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet?

From playing with toys that squeak, to sniffing each other’s butts, dogs are lovely, but they are definitely a bit strange too.

One of the strangest things that you might observe your dog doing is licking your feet. 

This behavior which could at first be considered funny can quickly become annoying. Especially if you regularly walk around without any shoes on, or live in a hotter State where flip-flops are the norm.

But while it can cause frustration, this behavior can cause confusion too, and you might be wondering why your dog does this. Especially if this is a behavior that has randomly just started. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at why dogs lick feet, and whether, or not, this is good behavior. So to find out more, keep on reading. 

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet?

So, let’s dive right in and take a look at why dogs lick feet.

To us humans, this behavior seems incredibly unusual, and feet are generally something that most people avoid putting their mouths near.

But, for dogs, this behavior is perfectly normal. After all, dogs are generally very different to us humans, and so they show affection, communicate, and act a lot different to us. 

While licking might seem dirty and disgusting to a lot of human beings, to dogs this is natural, and something that they love to do.

Dogs lick themselves, they lick each other, and they lick other animals (humans included), this is simply a normal part of their behavior.

But the reason behind licking feet is a little different.

In some human cultures, kissing the feet is seen as a huge mark of respect, and it is tradition to bow down and kiss the feet of those who are in charge. The reason dogs lick feet is similar to this. 

Dogs lick your feet as a sign of respect. They do so to let you know that they know that you are the boss, and that they honor and respect you.

When a dog licks your feet, they are essentially telling you that they are your pet, and that they are happy in that role. A dog will only lick your feet if they love you.

But once they begin licking your feet, they could start doing this for other reasons. 

After the initial time when your dog first licks your feet, they will then begin to do this when seeking attention and affection.

They might lick your feet when they want you to stroke their head or give them belly rubs. Likewise, they might lick your feet if they want you to play fetch with them, take them for a walk or feed them.

Over time, there is also the possibility that your dog might simply begin to lick your feet because this has become a habit.

But, if your dog does not respect you, they will not lick your feet in the first place. 

Is It Bad For Your Dog To Lick Your Feet?

When your dog licks your feet for the first time, you might find yourself panicked by this behavior. At first, it can come as a real shock, and this might lead you to think that this behavior is bad.

We know that the intentions behind your dog licking your feet are good, but does this necessarily mean that it is a good thing? Let’s find out. 

You might worry that your dog could cause themselves harm by licking your feet. After all, if you regularly walk around barefoot, there are probably lots of different germs living on your feet.

Not to forget the fact that they might also smell too. Despite this, most of the time it is completely safe for your dog to lick your feet.

This is because they are genetically designed to be more hardy than us humans. Based on this, we would say that it isn’t bad for your dog to lick your feet, in fact this is actually perfectly okay. 

The only time that you should be concerned about your dog’s health when it comes to licking your feet is if you have any sort of chemical/product on your feet.

For example, if you have just applied a foot cream or deodorizing treatment to your feet, this could cause your dog harm.

So, if you have any sort of treatment on your feet, it is bad for your dog to lick them. 

Should You Encourage Your Dog To Lick Your Feet?

When your dog licks your feet, they do not do so to cause you harm or discomfort.

Your dog licks your feet with good intentions, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something which should be encouraged. 

At first, your dog licking your feet can feel weird. It isn’t natural for a human to have their feet licked, and a lot of people are very ticklish when it comes to their feet.

If you are one of these people, then your dog licking your feet could cause you a lot of discomfort.

Even though licking your feet isn’t bad for your dog, you should not allow them to do it at your own discomfort. So, if you do not like the sensation, then you should encourage your dog not to lick your feet. 

But if you are indifferent to the feeling of having your feet washed clean, you should consider encouraging your dog to lick your feet.

Dogs lick your feet as a way of communication and because they want to deliver and receive affection.

So, as long as you do not feel discomfort with your dog licking your feet, you should encourage them to do this. As long as they do not become obsessive in this behavior. 


In short, dogs lick your feet as a sign of respect. This is the initial reason why your dog will begin licking your feet, but they will continue to do this in order to communicate with you.

Whether it be to seek attention or give affection, there are lots of reasons why your dog might lick your feet. We have looked at them all in this guide.