What to Feed a Dog with Acid Reflux

Like humans, dogs can suffer from stress and that stress has definite physical effects. There are a lot of things that can make dogs stressed, ranging from new environments to loud noises; the Fourth of July, with its loud and bright display, is one of the worst times for dogs.

This stress can wreak havoc with their digestive system, causing such problems as acid reflux. When that happens the dog can suffer until its owner figures out what is going on and does something about it, dealing with both the mental stress and the resulting physical problems.

What is Acid Reflux

Putting it simply, acid reflux is a problem in the digestive tract that can cause problems in the esophagus. Gastric and other intestinal fluids are kept out of the esophagus by sphincters; when those sphincters relax, they can allow those fluids into the esophagus.

As they are extremely acidic, they can damage the esophageal lining. This results in what is called acid reflux, esophageal reflux, heartburn, or even esophagitis; all of these can be a symptom of a greater problem, usually either a type of hernia or stress. For a hernia, usually only surgery will help while alleviating the dog’s stress helps with the latter.

Dog acid reflux symptoms are usually the same as humans; you should be looking for any of the following problems:

  • Blood in the stool or vomit
  • Recurring vomiting or diarrhea
  • The dog is weak or collapses
  • Toys or other foreign objects in the vomit or stool
  • Increasing discomfort

If you see any of these symptoms of acid reflux in dogs, then you need to ask “how to help my dog with acid reflux?” Fortunately, how to help a dog with acid reflux is relatively simple; it can just be difficult in determining the problem.

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Dealing With Acid Reflux

When the problem has been determined, it is just a matter of determining the best dog heartburn treatment for the dog in question. For those asking what can I do, it ultimately depends on the cause of the heartburn.

The best dog acid reflux natural treatment can either be surgery if the sphincters are herniated or relieve the stress of the dog. When it comes to what to give a dog for acid reflux, relaxation is probably the best natural treatment for esophagitis in dogs for those curious what natural remedy can I give my dog for acid reflux.

If you need to know what to feed a dog with acid reflux, look for foods that are low in acid with no to minimal spices. Probiotics will be suggested; for those asking, “Do probiotics help with acid reflux in dogs?”, the answer is “yes”.

Probiotics are one of the best way to deal with acid reflux in dogs treatment as they help deal with intestinal fluids and prevent them from heading up the digestive tract. Thus when one asks, “Can probiotics help acid reflux in dogs?” that they increase natural flora which helps a wide variety of problems makes the answer yes, especially when it comes to eliminating some of the intestinal fluids.

What Can I Give My Dog For Acid Reflux?

The best dog food for acid reflux is a low-fat, low protein dog food for acid reflux. One of the best solutions is to create a homemade food for dog with acid reflux; the homemade dog food for acid reflux can be better tailored to your dog’s needs and sensitivities.

If you ignore the sensitivities of your dog when you make dog food for dogs with acid reflux then you could be creating worse problems; adjust recipes when you are creating the dog food as needed.

You can use dry or wet food for dogs with acid reflux. While there are all sorts of vet-recommended dog food for acid reflux, low acid dog food is probably the best idea. You may want to avoid some sort of dog acid reflux raw diet; most raw dog foods are high in either acid or protein, neither of which really helps the situation.

It is better to either make your own or adapt any number of different foods for the situation. When it comes to the type of dog food, acid reflux seems to disappear if the recipe is consistent.

Changing Your Dog’s Diet Can Help

Besides creating a special dog food to help with the problem, there are several different foods that can help your dog deal with acid reflux. These foods help answer the question of what to feed a dog with acid reflux; when it comes to dog esophagitis natural treatment methods may not always work.

If you are asking how to treat dog acid reflux, add these foods to the dog’s usual kibble or serve alone and you should see some sort of improvement in the dog’s condition. The following foods are great if you are looking for how to help acid reflux in dogs.

Is yogurt good for dogs with acid reflux?

For those asking how to help dogs with acid reflux, yogurt is one of the best food for dogs with esophagitis. Yogurt is good for dogs suffering from diarrhea; it offers a wide variety of healthy flora and much-needed probiotics that help settle a number of different intestinal problems.

Since it helps settle the gut, this also helps the dog deal with problems in other areas of the digestive tract, such as the esophagus. Greek yogurt is probably the best as it does not have all of the sugars of other yogurts. This makes it great for those looking how to treat reflux in dogs.

Does pumpkin help with acid reflux in dogs?

Provided that you only use pureed pumpkin, pumpkin is one of the best natural remedies for acid reflux in dogs. Its high fiber content helps deal with diarrhea and constipation; it absorbs excess water which solidifies fecal material and helps to get things going, making it a great dog reflux treatment.

However, this only applies to pureed pumpkin; if you use pumpkin pie filling instead it can create potential problems, especially if used frequently; it is high in sugar, which can lead to obesity, dental problems, and even diabetes with frequent use. The spice can also aggravate existing problems.

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What food is best for acid reflux?

One of the best food for dogs with acid reflux is white rice and boiled chicken. If you are curious what to give dogs for acid reflux in dogs this should answer that; shred the chicken and mix it in the dog’s kibble for the best possible effect.

If you are asking what to give my dog for acid reflux, this is recommended by veterinarians for an upset stomach, making it perfect to help a dog. As this is easy to prepare and relatively inexpensive, you can even cook it along with your own food, provided you do not add any spices to it.

What Can I Give My Dog For Reflux?

As noted, possibly the best singular idea is to determine the stress causing the problem and eliminate that from the equation. Sometimes the heartburn is caused by something as simple as having to deal with too much stress, and sometimes it can be relatively simple.

When it comes to dealing with acid reflux in dogs home remedy methods, it helps to figure out where the stress is coming from and stop it. This can be as simple as too much noise, a different environment, or even a new dog; in some cases, it can even be a new child or significant other. Usually, determine what the new factor is in an environment and figure out how to either eliminate it or make the dog bear it.

In Conclusion

Acid reflux can be a serious problem for dogs. Where there is food for dogs with acid reflux, the best acid reflux dog treatment is to prevent stress in the first place.

While a veterinarian can suggest what to feed dogs with acid reflux and what you can give dogs with acid reflux, probably the easiest way to deal with the problem is to simply not have to deal with it in the first place. This means that you need to remember that part of your job as an owner is to protect your dogs and that they need to be protected from mental dangers as much as physical ones.

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  1. Informative but since we can’t get rid of the new puppy I’m going to look for a better food for my 8 yr old. She has managed her reflux for years but since puppy not so much. I already give yogurt so I’m going with the idea of stress

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