Stinky Dog Ears: Why Your Dog’s Ears Smell?

Dogs suffer from a variety of different problems. As a dog owner, it is on you to closely monitor the dog and deal with any problems that come up. Part of that is bad breath and smelly ears.

While both problems are relatively easy to deal with, the owner needs to deal with them as quickly as possible or they may grow into bigger problems. With that in mind, you should always have the right cleaning supplies on hand to deal with any problems that happen to come up so that the dog can live as clean and healthy a life as possible.

Why Does My Dog’s Ears Stink

When a dog’s ears smell there can be a number of issues present. If you are lucky, the dog has simply been traveling through some of the worst smelling plants in the local countryside or rolling in the feces of other animals.

If that is the case then a simple bath is in order to eliminate the problem. Another possibility is that the dog simply has water in its stinky dog ears; the water may have gone sour due to yeast or bacteria. All of these are simply scrubbed away.

If you are unlucky then the dog is dealing with an infection or possible infection, and it needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of cleaning solutions out there to help with the problem; just remember that the problem needs to be dealt with completely and then the area needs to be dried completely, including the inner ear. If the problem looks to be too extensive, then a trip to the veterinarian may be in order.

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How Do I Get Rid of My Dog’s Smelly Ears

Generally, the simplest way of dealing with a dog’s ears smell is to clean them. The problem is that the inside of them need to be cleaned as well. A simple online search or talking to a pet store clerk should be able to tell you how do I get rid of the smell in my dogs ears.

If it comes down to it, a quick call to the veterinarians can get you that information. Make sure that when you do scrub the ears down that you do a complete job, including the inner ear, and that you make sure to completely dry the ears in order to prevent future problems.

What Does a Dog Ear Infection Smell Like

A dog ear infection smell should smell like vinegar or yeast; if the dogs ears smell sour then you should have it checked out by a veterinarian at the earliest possible opportunity.

If the ear just smells pungent, then it is possible that the dogs ears smell may be coming from something else, such as the dog rolling around in feces or a rotting animal. It is possible that the smell could be coming from water in the dog’s ears. If it is any of these other cases, then a good scrubbing is in order and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

How Do I Get Rid of My Dog’s Ears Smell?

In order to eliminate the dog’s ears smell, you need to figure out the problem and deal with it. When you figure out why does my ear dog’s ear smell, then you can deal with the problem permanently.

The one you need to take the most seriously is the smell of an infected ear; you need to either take the dog to a veterinarian in order to deal with the problem or use some sort of over-the-counter cleaning solution. You also need to start making sure that you clean the dog’s ears on a regular basis to eliminate the dog stinky ears.

If the dogs ears smell sour on a regular basis, then it is likely that the dog is swimming or otherwise getting wet on a regular basis. A dog that spends all of its time outside should be tracked to figure out where they swimming; either the dog must be restrained or the area fenced off.

If neither of those is an option, then the dog needs to be dried every so often. Inside dogs are not immune to this particular problem, especially if the person washing them forgets to dry their ears; in this case, the dog just needs to be dried better when it is washed.

In some cases, the reason the dog ear smells bad is that the animal is rolling around in something and bringing the smell home. If this is a consistent problem, then the animal needs to have some sort of limitation placed on its movements, such as keeping it in a fenced-off yard or moving it inside.

It may be necessary to determine where the animal is roaming and eliminate the source directly. Finding out why my dog’s ears smell bad and eliminating the problem should be your paramount concern, no matter what it takes to eliminate the problem.

Other Ways To Prevent My Dog Ear Smells

In most ways, it is easy to prevent my dogs ears stink by just making sure that you have a routine and sticking to it. The advantage of a routine is that it becomes a checklist; it becomes hard to forget any particular step.

After a while the routine becomes almost second nature for both you and the dog; this means that it is hard for you to forget and the dog becomes used to the routine and is less likely to balk at it. It also means that you will make sure that any needed supplies are always on hand. All of this makes the job that much easier for all parties concerned.

The first step to preventing dog smelly ears is to make sure you have the right supplies on hand. You should either talk to the veterinarian or a pet store clerk to find out the best soaps and brushes for your dog, as well as any needed disinfectants.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution; even within the same breed, the requirements for a good cleaning may be different. While you can and should experiment with different products, do try to keep to the same supplies over time; the goal here is to make and keep the dog comfortable with the routine.

The second step to eliminating dog smelly ears is bathing the dog at the same time every week. Again, the goal is to establish a routine; this part should actually be relatively easy.

You should also get used to scrub the parts of the dog in a particular order; by doing so you can ensure that every part is being cleaned. Over time you can eliminate my dog ear smells and keep them eliminated, at least in theory. This also helps ensure that the dog will feel a little more comfortable with the bathing and possibly look forward to the weekly bath.

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Getting Specific About Why Does My Dogs Ears Stink

Dealing with dogs ear stinks can require specific solutions. If you know why does my dog’s ear stink, then you can work on a specific solution. The first thing to do is to make sure that the dog is scrubbed down pretty thoroughly; for the ears, this means that the outside and inside are taken care of and that may require specific tools.

When you are done, make sure that the dog is dried completely; if necessary, use a hairdryer. You will find that once the dog is used to the sound, they will actually enjoy the heat from the hairdryer.

If you are serious about taking why do dogs ears stink, you will also have a number of medicinal level cleaners on hand as well. Sometimes the reason why do my dogs ears smell is that you needed something more stringent, and the best way to make sure is just to make sure you have the best stuff in your medicine cabinet.

You may even develop a medicine cabinet for the dog itself, full of ear cleaners, vitamin supplements, dewormers, and other means to keep your dog as healthy as possible. You can never have too much on hand, so make sure that you have everything that you need.

The Other Major Smell Problem

The other major smell problem that can come up is the problem of bad breath. The usual issue is that the dog has developed some sort of dental problem, usually infected gums but a dental problem can also be the culprit.

The usual way to deal with the problem is to set up an appointment with the dog’s veterinarian for a tooth and gum cleaning, possibly an extraction if the problem is bad enough. In order to prevent this problem, the dog should be provided with something crunchy to chew on and occasionally brush its teeth if need be.

Boosting the Dog’s Immune System

If the dog is fighting an infection, then it can only help to boost the dog’s immune system. Exercise is the best way to boost the dog’s immune system, as well as ensure that it is eating right. Reducing stress is another great way; the dog’s various systems can act with a decreased efficiency when it is under stress, especially its immune system.

Supplements to cover any deficiencies are always a good thing. Of course, regular check-ups ensure that the dog will always be in the best health.

something worse, so when they are detected the owner should clean them as quickly as possible. If your dog’s ears smell sour then you should clean them as quickly as possible so that the dog can enjoy a long and healthy life.

There are plenty of ways to deal with stinky dogs ears, but a good bath is usually the best way to start; only in the most extreme cases should a veterinarian be consulted about a smelly dog ear.

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In Conclusion

Dog ear odor is no laughing matter. If the ears are not taken care of then they can grow infected over time. If either dog ear smells like vinegar then it is past time to clean them; a smelly dogs ear is never a good sign. If the dog ears stink then you need to figure out how to get rid of the dog’s smelly ears; dog ear odor can lead to deafness, infected ears leading to the necessity of amputation, and other possible health issues. Once you know how to get rid of smelly dog ears and apply that knowledge, then your dog will lead a much better life.


Why do my dog’s ears smell so bad?

When a dog has smelly ears it is usually because the owner has neglected them for far too long. Of course, it is also possible that the dog has been exploring some places that it should not have and picked up the smell as well. If the dogs ear smells like vinegar then it has gone past neglect and is on the way to infection. All of this means that the owner needs to start cleaning the ears as soon as possible and start cleaning them regularly, preferably at least once a week for the best possible results.

Why does my dog’s ear smell like death?

When a dog ear stinks it is usually because the ear is either infected or quickly becoming that way. When a dog has stinky ears the ears have been without a decent cleaning fo far too long, and that needs to be rectified. A dog that spends most of its time outside will sometimes have a nasty dog ear smell simply because they have been getting into some smelly plants, but cleaning is definitely in order. The sooner you can wash the dog the soon that the stinky dogs ears will become a thing of the past.

Why does the inside of my dog’s ear stink?

A dog’s ears smells like vinegar because they are infected. The infection is usually because of some sort of yeast infection, giving the dog’s ears the vinegary smell. At that point you should look up how to clean smelly dog ears and apply that knowledge as quickly as possible. Usually, a good scrubbing with soap and water is all that is required to get rid of the smelly dog ears yeast problem. Better yet it should help the dog hear better and help the dog’s health.

How do I get rid of my dogs smelly ears?

Smelly ears in dogs are simple problems. A simple bath is usually the best way to clean smelly dog ears, but some pet stores offer kits specifically designed to help clean a dog ears smell. It usually only takes a few minutes and some serious scrubbing to eliminate dog ear smells, but it does ensure that the dog smells better and that he will live a lot longer. In the absolute worst case you can ask a veterinarian how to get rid of dog ear infection smell, but it should only take a few minutes of searching online or even just asking a pet store clerk.

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