Halo Collar Reviews

The Halo collar is a high-tech device that protects your dog and allows you to set boundaries.

The modern age has seen technological advances, making improvements to many everyday household items. There has been no exception to our pets, as smart collars are on the rise.

Halo Collar Reviews

It’s easier than ever before to keep track of your cat or dog, as GPS trackers and health monitors are available in one place thanks to the new age of collars.

You can even help teach them boundaries using “invisible fence” features. Halo is a brand that was developed by dog trainers and has been made to make life easier for dog owners.

The collars feature tracking devices and allow for security and comfort of knowing that your beloved furry friend is where they are supposed to be at all times.

This is a comprehensive review of the collar, complete with some detail about its features and what sets it apart from other brands. 

Key Features of the Halo collar


Older dog owners or those who are less physically able take comfort in being able to use GPS tracking if their dog escapes or gets lost. There is also the added benefit of being able to find them if they go missing.

Through connecting to the app, owners enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their dog is where they should be. This can be especially beneficial if you work away from home, or are on vacation.

If you want to encourage your dog to roam freely around the property while knowing that they are safe, the Halo collar is a very effective, high-tech piece of equipment.

Dogs are highly valuable, and to prevent them from getting lost or even stolen, this product allows reliable tracking and can even be set to send you alerts if your dog deviates from their normal path. 

Helps with Training 

Because of the development that was done with training in mind, Halo is one of the most effective dog collars for training.

If you struggle with reinforcing boundaries or even teaching your dog commands, then it could be worth trying out the Halo collar for a unique experience.

Being able to set clear limits to their behavior allows them to learn what is considered the right behavior and what isn’t accepted.

One of the great things about the collar is the way in which its integration with the app is customizable. This means that owners can decide when to be alerted based on their dog’s activity.  

Virtual Fences

The Halo collar has a unique feature that has come into light thanks to modern technology. When training your dog, boundaries are very important.

That is why the Halo collar can be operated using a smartphone app, and programmed to create virtual fences. It is possible to use map displays to set up to 20 of these boundaries for your dog.

The collar notifies you when your dog has wandered too far through the app, and you can program specific sounds, vibration, or static to play on the collar.

This has been aimed to gently encourage your dog to stick within certain limits while enjoying the level of independent exploring that is now achievable. 


In addition to the other features, the Halo collar has a comprehensive series of trackers integrated into the product. GPS and Bluetooth allow you to see where your dog is, and if they have gone too far.

It is also possible to use the app to set up alerts for when your dog needs to do more physical activity during the day, or even track how much exercise they have had.

Owners can also use the app to track the health of their dog. This is another reason why many have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from the Halo collar.

Being able to easily check your dog’s vitals and whether they need more or less exercise in their routine can be comforting and put your mind at rest.

Prevention tracking is another unique feature that happens when owners are alerted when their dog is in a possible emergency that is detected by a change in activity. 


The Halo collar is water-resistant, which is slightly less high-tech, but another selling point nonetheless. This can put owners at ease if they have a dog that loves the water, or swimming.

Knowing that the electronics will not fail and cause a harmful shock to them can be an additional benefit of the unique product.

Some advance collars that incorporate trackers into the device are not waterproof, which means that owners have to be wary around water and try to catch their dog before they dive in.

There is no need for this when you choose the Halo collar, as the materials have been carefully selected to protect the internal mechanism while preventing your dog from experiencing a painful shock. 


Limitations of the Halo collar 


As with a lot of modern devices that aim at making life easier and seamless, there is a reliance on internet connection, and Bluetooth in order to work as intended.

While this isn’t necessarily an issue with the Halo collar in particular, smart collars are only as useful as the internet connection.

If you live on a large patch of land and want to encourage your dog to roam freely, this might not be the best option for you, as the app needs to be connected via Bluetooth in order to receive accurate information consistently.

The internet is often something that is limited for people living in rural areas, which is why this could be a potential drawback of the product. 


The Halo collar has been criticized for being expensive. Not only that, but in order to access the complete range of features, you will need to pay for an additional subscription within the app.

The Halo collar isn’t a cheap product because of the immense amount of features that have been put into a collar. It is high-tech and certainly worth the price.

It is worth saving up for this brand in particular rather than compromising it with a cheaper alternative, because of the complete range of features that the Halo collar has. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Halo Collar shock dogs? 

The Halo collar relies on frequency variations that can be changed to suit your dog and how they respond.

This is usually in the form of a sound or gentle vibrations, so there is no shocking involved with the Halo collar, making it one of the safest types of technological collars. 

Can I use the app without paying the subscription fees?

Yes, some of the most popular features can be accessed within the app without the need for the subscription.

However, there are more customization options that come from subscribing.

The smartphone app is highly comprehensive, however, and it will show you what your choices are, depending on what type of subscription you choose. 

Does the Halo collar last a long time?

A: The Halo dog collar has been made to provide a long period of use with little maintenance needed.

The app has been designed to alert you about any potential technology issues that might need to be addressed, but the modern materials and protective measures mean that the Halo collar is likely to last several years, if not longer.

Thanks to the warranty, you are guaranteed to have a high quality product. 

Is it worth the cost?

We would argue that the Halo collar is worth investing in, and even saving up for. Some of the cheaper products do not feature all of the qualities that can be seen within the Halo collar.

It is a particularly impressive brand when considering the quality of product and technology that has been packed into a comfortable collar.

Being able to track your dog’s location, set boundaries, and even get health and activity alerts is something that cannot be achieved by most competitors. 

What type of dog does the Halo collar work for? 

Most medium dog breeds and large fit the collar perfectly. There is still some level of work that is going into developing a collar that fits smaller dogs.

If you have a Pomeranian, or Yorkshire Terrier, the Halo collar might not fit around their necks due to the materials and weight of the design. 


It is difficult to argue with the impressive amount of technological advances that have been used in the development of the Halo collar.

While some have expressed concerns about the range of dog breeds that can wear the collar and the increased price demand, it is hard to find another brand that provides a similar product experience.

The quality of product and materials used are definitely something that is guaranteed with the Halo collar.

If you want a collar that can track your dog, ensure that they are where they should be, and enforce boundaries, then the Halo collar is a perfect fit for you and your dog. It is worth saving up for and investing in this product.

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