Can Dogs Eat Honey Mustard

When you’re a dog owner, you’re responsible for keeping your pet safe and healthy.  Part of your job requires knowing what your pup can and cannot eat.  We all know that dogs don’t have the self-control or ability to stop themselves from eating anything that may be potentially harmful to them, so it is our job to prevent them from getting anything dangerous.  So, can dogs eat honey mustard?

is honey mustard bad for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Honey Mustard?

If you’ve been wondering, “can dogs have honey mustard,” the answer is no.  All mustard, including honey mustard is not safe for dogs to eat.  Mustard seeds, which are used to make mustard, have glucosinolates.  Glucosinolates are toxic to dogs.

Eating mustard can make dogs nauseous, cause them to vomit, or lead to diarrhea.  While you may just want to give them a small taste of that hot dog with honey mustard on it, it just isn’t worth the possible negative health consequences and discomfort it may cause your dog.

Now, if your dog stole a small bite of that hot dog with honey mustard on it, should you be worried?  In most cases, if your pup just ingests a small amount of honey mustard, they’ll likely be OK.  However, you’ll still want to monitor them for any signs of an upset stomach or mustard poisoning (which we’ll share below).

Can Dogs Eat Mustard Greens?

Since they can have mustard seeds, can dogs have mustard greens?  Surprisingly, the answer is yes (with conditions).  Mustard greens are the leafy green part of the mustard plant.  They are separate from the mustard seeds, which are the part of the plant that is very dangerous for dogs  

Cooked mustard greens are actually good for dogs.  They contain vitamins A and C, which are essential nutrients.  Mustard greens for dogs should always be cooked, however.  Dogs should not eat raw mustard greens (or really any raw vegetables) since their bodies can’t digest them.  

One more word of caution about mustard greens dogs:  limit how many mustard greens you let your dog eat.  While cooked mustard greens can be good for dogs, too much of a good thing isn’t really great.  Mustard greens have a lot of fiber, and eating too much fiber can lead to loose stools or diarrhea for your dog.

can dogs have mustard greens

Can Dogs Eat Honey

Aside from the mustard seeds, the other main ingredient in honey mustard is (obviously) honey.  Is honey safe for dogs to eat?  Yes, small amounts of honey should be perfectly safe for your dog to eat.  Some vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars are found in honey, and all of these can be good for dogs.

Again, though, remember, dogs should not eat too much honey.  It has a very high sugar content.  Too much sugar can put dogs at a greater risk of obesity.  Sugar can also lead to dental problems, such as tooth decay.  If your dog is already overweight or has diabetes, you should not feed them any honey.

Additionally, if you have a puppy or a dog with any immune system concerns, avoid feeding them raw honey.  Ray honey may have botulism spores, which can be a health risk for young puppies or dogs with compromised immune systems.

Now, remember, just because your dog can have some plain honey, it does not mean they can safely eat honey mustard.  Honey is just one of the ingredients in honey mustard.  The mustard seeds also found in honey mustard are toxic to dogs, so you should never feed your dog honey mustard.

Can Dogs Eat Honey Mustard Powder?

No, in most cases, dogs should not eat honey mustard powder.  Ground up mustard seeds are used to make nearly all mustard powders.  Since mustard seeds are toxic to dogs, you will want to avoid any mustard powders made using them.

Symptoms of Mustard Seed Poisoning

If your dog only has a few licks of honey mustard, they’ll likely be OK.  However, if they manage to consume a large quantity, you’ll want to closely monitor them for signs of mustard seed poisoning.  Signs of mustard seed poisoning in dogs include:

Mustard seed poisoning can be very serious for your dog, so if you see any of the symptoms listed above, you should call the vet right away.  You can also call animal poison control at 1-800-222-1222 if your vet is closed, and you are not sure whether you should bring your dog to an emergency veterinary center.

Most dogs don’t like the way mustard tastes and likely won’t consume enough to suffer from mustard seed poisoning.  However, every dog’s body is different.  So, if you know your dog ate any honey mustard, even a small quantity, you should keep an eye on them and look for any of the symptoms listed above.

What You Should Do If Your Dog Eats Honey Mustard

Now we know that the answer to “is honey mustard bad for dogs” is yes.  But, what should you do if your dog eats honey mustard?  The answer to this will depend on how much honey mustard they consumed and how they are acting.

If your dog only consumed a small amount of honey mustard, keeping a close eye on them and monitoring them for any issues is probably sufficient.  

However, in some cases, a call to the vet may be in order.  If your dog ate a large quantity of honey mustard, you may just want to call the vet right away.  Your vet may want you to bring your dog in so they can give them medication to keep them from getting sick.  In some cases, the vet may even want to give your dog a medication that will cause them to throw up and empty their stomachs to get the mustard out of their system.

Another reason to call the vet is if you notice any of the symptoms of mustard poisoning listed above, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal pain.  If you notice any of these symptoms, even if your pup only ate a small taste of mustard, it is better to err on the side of caution and bring them in for an exam.

Vomiting or diarrhea in a dog can also cause dehydration.  Dehydration can lead to more, potentially serious, health concerns.  So, it is always best to let your veterinarian perform a checkup and determine whether there are any medications or treatments your dog will need.

Honey Mustard and Dogs – Final Thoughts

Dogs should never eat honey mustard.  Mustard seeds are toxic for dogs, so eating mustard can lead to digestive problems, such as vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea.  If your dog only gets a small lick of honey mustard off a hot dog, they’ll likely be fine, and you should just keep an eye on them.  However, if they ingest a good amount, you should bring them into the vet right away to confirm that they are OK.


Is a little bit of mustard bad for dogs?

If your dog gets a little bit of mustard, it probably won’t be the end of the world.  However, you should never intentionally feed any type of mustard/mustard seed to dogs.  Mustard seeds contain glucosinolates, which makes them toxic for dogs.  Even smaller amounts may cause digestive issues.

Can my dog eat honey mustard pretzels?

No, you should not feed your dogs honey mustard pretzels.  The mustard seed from the honey mustard is toxic for dogs.  Additionally, some of the other ingredients used to make honey mustard pretzels, such as sugar and horseradish, are also not good for dogs.  

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