Can dogs eat cornbread?

Dogs are capable of eating pretty much anything they can get their paws on, but whether or not they should is another question altogether.

A staple food across America, and particularly in the south, cornbread is something that many dog owners may be wondering whether they can share with their four-legged friends. And, with dogs unable to regulate their own eating, it is down to pet owners everywhere to know what is best for their pups and what to avoid when it comes to diet.

Standard cornbread does not contain any foodstuff that is considered dangerous for dogs when given in small amounts. The basic ingredients; wheat flour, cornmeal, milk, eggs, baking powder, salt and a small amount of sugar, are all safe for most dogs to consume in small portions.

However, there are things to be wary of-

  • If your dog has a known wheat allergy or allergy to any of the other ingredients in cornbread, then you should ensure that they do not consume it
  • If your dog consumes cornbread in small amounts and later suffers vomiting, diarrhoea, itchy skin or any type of rash then they may have an undiagnosed allergy and a trip to the vets is definitely in order.
  • If your dog consumes a lot of cornbread and suffers any of the previously mentioned symptoms then you should also take them to the vets as their condition may need to be monitored.

It is also important to check the ingredients of your cornbread. If you are making the cornbread from scratch then it is easy to monitor the ingredients you are adding and to ensure that you don’t add anything extra that may be harmful to your dog, if you are intending to share. However, if you are using a premade mix, or buying store-brand cornbread, it is important to check the ingredients list, just in case any other ingredients have been added. Some ingredients to look out for that are not safe for your dog include pepperoni, scallions, onions, garlic, spicy peppers, butter, and extra sugar.

Additionally, dogs should not be given cornbread dressing or any unsafe fillings or sauces that you might be eating with your meal. Some human food can be a great treat for your dog every once in a while, but it can never be a permanent replacement for dog food, which is specially formulated for dogs and their digestive systems.

Is cornbread good for dogs?

You might wonder, is cornbread good for my dog? Does it have any nutritional benefits or any negative consequences? As mentioned before, cornbread should be safe for dogs in small and regulated amounts. This means it is not bad for your dog in any way. However, it is not technically good for them either. Cornbread is pretty high in sugar and not the healthiest of foods, even for humans. As such, it can cause your dog to gain a bit of weight if eaten too regularly and it does not have any specific nutritional benefits.

Because of this, some vets might advise not to feed cornbread to your dog at all. Though it can feel nice to include your dog in the family by offering them a human treat every now and then, it may not be the best thing for your furry friend. If you have any doubts about what is and isn’t safe for your dog in particular, then the best thing to do is organise a trip to the vets. The most loving thing you can do for your dog is ensure that what they are eating is safe and healthy for them.